In Focus: BMC Control-M Workload Automation Centralizes Workflows and Streamlines Complex Operations

Find out what makes BMC Control-M Workload Automation Stand Out from the Crowd.

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Software development leader BMC had these three objectives in mind when it launched its Control-M Workload Automation: the automation of batch workload applications, the decrease of failure rates, the acceleration of application deployment, and the improvement of the execution of service-level agreements.

Batch workloads from opposite ends of the operational spectrum, such as the processing of the company’s payroll to receiving and fulfillment of customer’s online orders, are automated and scheduled. Delivery of these tasks occurs punctually and neutralizes any form of disruption. Errors, especially those made by the former manual methodologies, are effectively reduced, if not eliminated. One management platform oversees all the running and accomplishment of various job batches across different platforms.

Reviews acknowledge that BMC’s Control-M Workload Automation has fulfilled these objectives by basically simplifying complex operations and placing these workflows under the management of a centralized platform.

Network Computing cites supportive statements made by longtime customer Carfax, which provides vehicle history reports. Carfax had to automate its report generation and the non-stop movement of data because it was tapping into 34,000 data sources. Any approach other than workload automation would have made the process longer, more difficult, and probably more exposed to vulnerabilities.

TrustRadius enthuses that one of Control-M Workload Automation’s most helpful qualities is that it strengthens the stability and reliability of all these various workload processes. IT tasks that service the organization’s overall business goals on multiple environments like Linux and Windows are easily managed. The interface is user-friendly and reveals the details, status, and ongoing processes to the IT administrator on a visual platform. He can observe the schedule of job batches, its progression, fulfilling orders, and any possible error that might slow down or break down any part of process.

An Infoworld review complements this by adding that, should the IT administrator see he needs to effect a change in the business workflow, BMC’s Control-M Workload Automation can accomplish this at a speed faster than the traditional method by as much as 80 percent. This new rapidness comes as welcome news to application developers faced with the constant challenge of accelerating application rollouts, as the increasing number of clients, consumers, and users expect that their apps and services must be constantly updated.




Constant data updating is the business of Morningstar, a financial publishing house that regularly refreshes reports, data, and trends coming in from the stock market, banks, and other financial institutions for their users in the business community. An individual customer must be able to log in to one of Morningstar’s products and see the latest change in the market. Any lapse might cause the customer’s making a wrong decision because he did not have the correct and complete information. BMC’s Control-M Workload Automation removes this risk and ensures that the documents and other related data are updated regularly and sent punctually to the Morningstar platform.

Mobility is another BMC Control-M Workload Automation feature that clients appreciate. In the Morningstar example, IT staff spotted an error in the system, but could not trace its origin or correct it manually. They informed their IT administrator working at home. He logged into the BMC Control-M Workload Automation immediately and used it to track the error and issue remediation.

His wife, who was looking over his shoulder and could see BMC Control-M Workload Automation Center’s main display, remarked that the solution made the process look easy. As the IT administrator acknowledged, the apparent simplicity covered and belied the entire complex production process that comprises intricate interdependencies. It was a neat summary that encapsulated the product’s main appeal – and service – to its target markets.




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